Welcome to the Calhoun County Medical Society (CCMS) website, serving as an opportunity for you to connect to CCMS information on your watch and at your fingertips.

Healthcare professionals of Calhoun County work together to enhance our community's total well-being. Our physicians across the county join forces to promote healthy lifestyles, protect health, and prevent disease. Calhoun County Medical Society is at the heart of that effort, and strives to serve the needs of our physicians as they do this great work.

As a component society of the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS), we are the local entity looking out for you, the private practitioner and the hospital-employed physician alike. We understand that across the span of your career, you'll encounter many issues that you'll simply be unable to face alone, and we are pleased to let you know you don't have to.

Your medical society is an organization of your peers, who will be here to support you through continuing medical education efforts, legislative battles, networking opportunities, and public health issues with strong leadership and clear vision for the future of practicing medicine in our area.

Please send your feedback and suggestions regarding this website or this organization to calhouncms@yahoo.com.

Gregory D. Harrington Obituary
July 9, 1960 – September 25, 2015

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